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Home Renewable Energy Systems

Save money. Save the planet.

Generate your own renewable energy at home

As a home-owner, you will know that rising energy costs are a growing burden. You may be aware that the transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy is gaining momentum. You may be wondering how you can get on board and switch to cleaner, greener power in your own home. You’re in the right place.

UK homes today have more appliances than ever before. But this modern comfort comes at a price. Living in a digital world means we are more dependent on power-hungry gadgets such as tablets, phones, computers, smart TVs, the list goes on. And that’s all on top of day-to-day systems such as lighting, heating and washing machines. It’s no wonder that residential energy consumption is on the increase, but those bills are costing you more!

Installing a home renewable energy system means you can take advantage of energy sources that will never run out. Light from the sun and heat from the ground will always be free.

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Reduce your bills

The average UK household could save hundreds of pounds a year by generating their own electricity through a home renewable energy system, such as solar panels. Savings jump up to over £1000 a year by installing a heat pump to provide heating and hot water!

On top of those savings, you can earn money through Government schemes that pay homeowners who generate their own renewable energy.

Shifting towards a brighter financial future has never been so easy and affordable, and offers a multitude of other benefits including:

✓ Reducing your carbon footprint
✓ Future-proofing your home
✓ Reducing your reliance on the grid
✓ Gaining more control over your own energy generation and storage
✓ Protecting yourself from variable gas and electricity prices
✓ Contributing to a more resilient energy system

Be More Cactus!

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What home renewable energy options are available to me?

Making your home greener with Cactus Energy is simple. We offer a wide range of renewable technology solutions, including:

  • Solar panels (mounted or embedded systems)

  • Battery storage

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Heat pumps

Our extensive selection of products means we can design a home renewable energy solution perfectly suited to your property and needs. We can integrate multiple technologies into a sleek, smart system. And if you decide to add more technology further down the line, you can come back to us and we’ll pick up where we left off.


Why Cactus Energy?




We manage your entire project from inception to completion.




Extensive industry knowledge and experience.




Accredited by international standards.




Every system designed to suit your specific needs and goals.​




Comprehensive performance guarantees and warranties.




Education and advice throughout and beyond system installation.


Need help with funding?

There are grants and schemes available to help businesses cover the cost of installing a renewable energy system, including:

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – businesses who generate their own electricity from renewable sources, such as solar panels, can sell any surplus energy they don’t use back to the grid.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – businesses and public sector organisations with renewable heating systems receive payments for every unit of heat they generate, including the heat that they use themselves.

OLEV Plug-In Vehicle Grant – grant to cover 35% of the cost of buying an electric vehicle.

Workplace Charging Scheme – grant to cover 75% of the cost of buying and installing on-site electric vehicle charge points.

There may also be local grants available in your area. Speak to us to find out more.


Get in Touch

Are you looking to find out more about how you can save money by switching to a cleaner and green source of energy? Get in touch today and we can provide a solution for you.

Head Office: 0161 639 1785

London Office: 0203 434 1802

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