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Sustainable projects


At Sunbird Energy, we provide a wide range of renewable energy solutions to suit your property’s needs.




We are the best at creating value by optimizing the potential of your facilities. We design the perfect renewable energy system and manage its entire installation, commissionning and maintenance.

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Renewable Energy Services

Our expertise lies in our ability to provide bespoke high end renewable energy solutions. With an extensive range of renewable technologies, we can design the perfect energy system for your home or business.


Solar Power

Always wanted to monetize unused roof, parking or reservoir surfaces ? Solar panels is a passive way to do it. 


Whether you’re re-charging at home or at work, we can offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for you.

EV Chargers


Heat Pumps

Air and ground source heat pumps provide reliable, renewable heating all year round.


Being able to store excess energy until you are ready to use it is a step towards greater self-sufficiency.

Battery Storage

How can we help?


Leverage unused roof and parking area by monetizing the sun's energy year-round or create instant economic value for your real estate development projects


Improve your the environmental, social, and governance aspect (ESG) of your company by investing in cost-effective and sustainable renewable energy projects

About Us

At Sunbird Energy, we see change in the way energy is produced around the world and want to benefit our customers through sustainable initiatives. Whether your projects are motivated by leadership, economic interests or environmental awareness, our team of experts will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Sustainable projects, together!

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